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Species accounts: North American warblers

Northern Parula Parula americana


Vagrant from North America: one record.


2003:     First-year male, trapped and ringed, Brownstown Head, 8 October (third Irish record).


The only previous records were from Co Cork in October 1983 (Firkeel) and September 1989 (Dursey Island).




Yellow Warbler Dendroica petechia


Vagrant from North America: one record (the first for Ireland).


1995:     First-year male, Brownstown Head, 11-12 October.


This was quickly followed by a second individual at Kilbaha, Co Clare from 13 October 1995, which was seen by a much larger number of observers. 




Blackpoll Warbler Dendroica striata


Vagrant from North America: one record.


1993:     First-year, Brownstown Head, 3 October.


The fifth(?) Irish record of the species, and first of three North American warbler to be recorded at Brownstown Head during 1993-2003.


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