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Species accounts: divers

Red-throated Diver  Gavia stellata


Common winter-visitor and passage-migrant; scarce in summer.


Mainly occurs September-May; occasionally recorded June-August. Widespread along the Waterford coast.  The largest concentrations (over 100 birds on occasion) have occurred in Tramore Bay.  Several inland records.




Black-throated Diver  Gavia arctica


Rare, but probably annual, winter-visitor and passage-migrant.


One 19th century record, then no confirmed records until 1978.




Great Northern Diver  Gavia immer


Common winter-visitor and passage-migrant, mainly October-April; occasionally recorded in summer.


Widespread along the Waterford coast.  The main concentrations have occurred at Dungarvan Harbour, Clonea Strand and Tramore Bay.  Perhaps more frequently recorded than Red-throated Diver, but the largest concentrations have not exceeded about 40 birds. 


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