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Waterford Breeding Bird Atlas: 2007 coverage

Waterford Breeding Bird Atlas: coverage update 2007 


The map below shows coverage (at least 1 hour for 'full' tetrads) achieved so far in 2007 but may be missing some visits not yet reported.  At least 103 full tetrads have received an hour or more's visit during April-May 2007, and of these 96 (20% of all full tetrads in the county) have had their basic 2 hours of coverage completed by 11 July 2007.  


Also mapped are at least a further 12 'partial' tetrads which have had some coverage in 2007, with basic (1 hr) coverage achieved in 8+ so far, and 61 full tetrads (13% of total) tetrads that had 2+ hours coverage in 2006.


Last updated 26 July 2007.    Back to main Atlas page.


Map created with DMAP for Windows
Click below for downloadable copies of:

Introduction to the Atlas (pdf file)

Further notes on the Atlas (pdf file)

Breeding status categories & codes (pdf file)

Roving Recorder form for general coverage (pdf file)

Timed Tetrad Visit form for detailed coverage (pdf file)

Waterford map showing 10-km squares (pdf file)

Map showing coverage achieved in 2006 (pdf file)


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