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Waterford Breeding Bird Atlas 2006-2011

Coverage required 2006-2011
In total, there are approximately 475 'whole' tetrads (2-km x 2-km squares) in Co Waterford, i.e. tetrads with their midpoint on land or in freshwater and with at least half of their land area in Co Waterford (rather than adjacent counties).  A further 69 'partial' tetrads have smaller proportions of their land area in Co Waterford or have their midpoint below High Water Mark. 
At a minimum, the Waterford Breeding Bird Atlas project is aiming for 2 hours of timed coverage (and ideally 4 or more hours of coverage) in each of the 475 whole tetrads, between 2006 and 2011.  At least 1 or 2 hours coverage will be the aim for partial tetrads.  During the years 2008-2011, the records collected will also contribute to a large-scale Atlas covering the whole of Britain and Ireland.   Records collected during 2006-07 (and 2012 if necessary) will be used for 'local' atlas purposes.
Coverage achieved in 2006
During April-July 2006, pilot coverage by two observers achieved at least 2 hours of coverage in at least 60 whole tetrads (13% of the total) - see map below.  Shorter ('supplementary') visits were made to a further 85+ tetrads, and a number of observers responded to our original request for further records, from a range of sites in the county.
Coverage in 2007 and beyond
To achieve basic coverage by 2011, coverage of a further 415 whole tetrads (an average of 83 whole tetrads per year) will be required.  This will require a lot of effort over the next 5 summers, on top of coverage of partial tetrads, and extra visits to the whole tetrads to boost chances of finding new species or obtaining breeding evidence. 
Planning of fieldwork for the 2007 season is currently underway, and further details will appear here between now and March.   In particular, we will be seeking volunteers to help with coverage: those with more experience (i.e. able to identify all likely breeding species by sight or sound) to make timed visits to specific (randomly selected) tetrads, and those with any level of experience to help with general coverage (i.e. to provide records from their local areas or from anywhere in Co Waterford). 


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